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Removing the cost barrier for your customers and providing hassle-free billing solutions.

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Consumer Financing


Our loan referral financing solution provides more approvals, higher loan amounts and longer-term options than traditional lending options. We cater to preferred vertical markets as well as those that typically do not meet most lenders' participation requirements.

Our marketplace lending platform features instant credit decisions and aggressive credit policies. Our goal for the platform is to make it as comprehensive and simple for you as possible.

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Billing Solutions


Our success is a direct result of the success of our sales and referral partners. it is in our best interest to provide the highest level of support possible, ensuring that our partners have the knowledge, the tools and confidence necessary to give them a decisive advantage over the competition.  Partnering with us enhances your offering while generating additional revenues for both your business and clients. If you are an ISO looking for an opportunity like no other, let merchant cash advance or credit card processing be the value-add and get a refreshing new look at payment processing by leading with consumer financing. 

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Consumer Financing for Your Business

We make it easy. From enrollment and training to servicing your customers offers and loan applications. It’s like having your own personal financing department. we provide you with the tools and training and then back it up with unmatched ongoing customer service to make sure the program exceeds your expectations. All activity and communication is tracked through our online merchant portal which provides real-time status updates on every applicant. Our platform was designed with simplicity and convenience in mind.

About ePay Management

Founded in 2000, ePay Management has an impressive long-term legacy of partnership with its customers in successfully applying technology-based, consumer financing solutions and solving their toughest problems.

For years, merchants who did not qualify for traditional lending options like Wells Fargo or Synchrony Bank had to turn their customers to predatory loan options like payday loan companies or title loan establishments. These options either offered extremely high interest rates to the borrower or discount rates back to the business as high as 30% or 40%,thereby Pricing the merchant out of being able to offer an attainable product to the customer.

Our platform provides access to more than 30 lending partners and offers a “check your rate” feature to the borrower so they are able to shop the financing options available to them with fair terms and interest rates and a flat 4.99% discount rate charged to the business regardless of the credit worthiness of their customer. We work with virtually all legal business types with no minimum time in business or annual volume requirements.

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