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ePay InStore

Advanced Payment Plan Management

Financing is the best option for borrowers that have established credit and can qualify for low-interest loans to purchase goods and services. The reality is that many of your customers will not qualify for financing due to low credit scores and a poor credit history. ePay Instore is here to help.
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Simple.Effective. Conversions.

Brett S. - Los Angeles, California

"Customers who wouldn't be able to quality for financing, now can with ePay Instore. It's a fantastic solution that really works. "

Stop chasing customers for payments.
Get paid up to 93% on every customer.

Part technology. Part customerservice. Full payment plan management for your legal clients. ePay InStore instantly creates and manages payment plans that look, act, and feel just like a bank. This structure is vital because most clients understand the importance of paying a debt on time.

You choose to offer “Same as Cash”for 90 days, %14.90 or %19.90 interest and you keep the interest.

How it works.

1. Your customer wants to buy, so you offer credit.

2. Your customer gets declined by your existing financing partner

3. Your customer completes a short ePay InStoreFinance application that you submit online. Every client gets 2 simple and easy-to-understand options to pay for their case. They simplychoose the option that’s the best fit for them.

4. Your customer pays 50% now (covering your costs), and provides their driver’s license and bank information.

5. You say “you’re approved” and complete the sale.

6. Your customer goes home happy with their purchase.

7. We handle therest. From contract creation to payment collection, and even dispute and chargeback issues.

Why Does ePay InStore Work So Well?

We built this system with feedback from real business. The one thing we heard time and again was other payment processors or ACH management services are great until something goes wrong. Then the pass the buck back to you.

With ePay InStore you have a full suite of payment and financing products. This allows you to spend your days building your business, not chasing customers for money.

And the results are clear. ePay InStore not only allows you to generate more revenue but makes chasing customers on payment plans a thing of the past.

· No Set Up or Monthly Fees
· No Limits on Number of Contracts
· 5% Servicing Fee
· No Minimums or Hidden Fees
· Cancel Anytime

Get out of the collections business for good!

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