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Legal Fee and Retainer Client Financing

What we offer

Legal Fee Financing

Solutions Tailored to your Legal Practice.

Attorneys and law firms are held to a different set of rules. Bar compliance is a big factor so we recommend platforms that best meet bar guidelines and consider other legal vertical specific issues like IOLTA accounts, usury laws and evergreen retainers.

Attorney Legal Fee Financing

No Field of Law or Case Specialty Limitations.

You are able to collect your fees upfront regardless of the case. Criminal Defense, Divorce, Family, Adoption, Immigration, Estate, Bankruptcy, Tax, Business, Labor and More can all be billed to and collected from your client upfront.

Attorney Fee Financing Merchant

Value-Add Options that Increase Client Retention.

Not all clients have the credit worthiness to merit lender offers. Supplement your firms options by offering affordable auto-draft payment options with integrated billing and collections services, allowing your team to focus on your clients cases.

The Challenges Regarding Client Lending

Legal services is not deemed a "preferred" vertical market by traditional lenders which leaves law firms seeking alternative lending options for their clients. Unfortunately, most alternative options offer predatory interest rates, fluctuating discount costs to the firm and do not adhere to bar rules governing client finance.

ePay Finance has years of experience and a proven track record of assisting firms to provide representation to cash-strapped clients while eliminating the time and effort that staff spends on follow up and collections. There are many testimonials available for ePay Finance.

Attorney Legal Fee Retainer Financing

The ePay Finance platform was developed specifically for the legal community; taking great care to consider not only bar regulations but also, trust accounts, usury laws, affordability for both the firm and the client as well as fee structures and support.

  • No Compulsion To Perform
  • IOLTA and Trust Accounts
  • Usury Laws & Fair Market Pricing
  • Arms Length Transactions
  • Fee Structures: Retainer, Flat, Statutory
  • Bar Compliance

ePay Finance

Founded in 2000, ePay's loan referral financing solution provides more approvals, higher loan amounts and longer term options than traditional lending options. We cater to attorneys and law firms with a focus on compliance.

The ePay marketplace lending platform features instant credit decisions and aggressive credit policies. The goal for the platform is to make it as comprehensive and simple for the firm as possible.

About the ePay Finance Platform

Firms that enroll in the ePay Finance consumer financing platform give their clients access to multiple lenders with a single pre-application process. We blanket the borrower pool with offers for those with excellent credit expecting low, single-digit interest rates to those with sub-prime credit that are typically not desirable for most lenders.

Many applicants receive multiple offers so they can choose the offer with the terms, interest rate and payment that best fits their budget. Initial offers are made without affecting credit scores.

Attorney Legal Fee Financing

Flexible Monthly Payments

Applicants may receive multiple offers from multiple lenders  providing an opportunity to the borrower to choose the offer that best fits their budget.

Loans For Attorney Retainer Fees

Check Your Rate Feature

Clients are able to check offers and approval terms with just a short pre-application with a soft credit pull which won't effect their credit score. They simply click the offer they want to start the loan process.

Client Landing Solutions

No Ink-to-Paper

The entire process, from completing the pre-application to completing the loan documentation and uploaidng of stipulations (Usually just a driver's license and proof of income) is all electronic.

Legal Retainer Financing

No Recourse

Clients are funded directly by the borrower and firms are notified upon funding to collect their fees. There is no recourse or liability to the firm if the borrower defaults on the loan.

Legal Fee Financing

Smart Billing

Firms are billed a discount fee on collected loan amounts. If a firm is unable to retain a client after funding or collects a lesser amount than what was funded to the client, the firm is only responsible for fees on the collected amount.

Attorney Retainer Fee Financing Merchant

Custom Landing Page

Law Offices are provided a custom landing page and application link. Firms are able to have clients complete the application on the fly from any web-enabled electronic device such as laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

“We had a team of lawyers throughout the country that helped us research. We were calling the bar of various states, and ePay Finance really understands the rules and how to craft the entire loan process.”

- Brett Schoneman, Imhoff & Associates

"You should use ePay Finance because they have great customer service, they care about their clients and they really want to help people to get money for their legal services.”

- Cindy Weatherly, Robinson & Henry

“With ePay Finance the approvals popped up exponentially compared to what we had before. We wouldn’t have these retainers had they not had this opportunity. Our clients really like it.”

- Tom Lawson, Imhoff & Associates

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to keep a law firm on retainer?

Retainer fees typically range from $1500 or as high as $5,000 or more, depending on the work involved. A retainer is typically requested at the beginning of legal representation. Retainer fees are often based on the lawyer’s hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours it is expected that your case will take. The amount for the time spent on the case will then be subtracted from your retainer.

How Can I get Money for a Retainer Fee?

Clients in need of legal services without the available cash to pay for a retainer fee have a few options to consider; Borrowing money from a family member or friend, applying for a credit card or taking out a personal loan are the three main options. Often times the credit line associated with a credit card is not enough to cover the cost of a retainer and other options to consider include interest rates, promotional offers and card benefits. When applying for a personal loan it is important to consider similar factors such as loan terms, interest rates, origination fees and offer amounts. Fortunately there are lending options that offer “Check Your Rate” features that allow you to browse offers from multiple lenders without hurting your credit score. Loan amounts are often higher than credit cards and interest rates are usually lower.

Do Law Firms Offer Payment Plans?

The short answer is “yes” and “no”. It depends on the firm. Some attorneys may offer “in-house” financing, breaking up the cost of your case over a set period of months at a certain dollar amount in equal payments. This policy is risky for the attorney as often times they are unable to collect the full payment from the client which results in a loss of income or pricey and timely collections procedures. Most attorneys who do offer in-house financing try and keep the term of the loan to 6 months or less and also like to setup automatic payments from a checking account or credit card. Many firms have partnered with lending platforms that offer arm’s length personal loans to their clients for payment of legal services. This option is ideal as it eliminates the risk associated with the attorney carrying the loan their self and also provides more options for the client in terms of offer amounts, interest rates and terms.

Are Retainer Fees Negotiable?

The cost of legal representation is based on the experience level of the attorney, the type of case you need to hire them for, projected longevity of the case and even geographic location. More experienced lawyers charge higher fees and the complexity of the case also plays a role. Since most firms offer a free initial consultation, it is wise to shop around to find an attorney who can represent you with a fee structure that fits your budget.

Formal Opinion 484

In November of 2018 the American Bar Association's Standing Committee On Ethics and Professional Responsibility published Formal Opinion 484 regarding "A Lawyers Obligations When Clients Use Companies or Brokers to Finance the Lawyer's Fee".

You can download the opinon here: Formal Opinion 484

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