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What we offer

Home Contractor Merchant Services

It's Simple!

Home owners complete a short pre-enrollment form and instantly receive loan offers. Because we utilize multiple lenders, borrowers may receive multiple offers from different lenders with a variety of interest rates and terms. Your customer chooses the offer that best fits their budget and then completes the loan application. Your office is notified when the borrower is funded within 3-5 days for you to collect your fees, upfront and in full.

Home Contractor Billing Software

Check Your Rate

Because we only do a soft credit pull with the initial enrollment application, your customer will know what their loan terms are before the formal application process. Home owners that are declined by all lenders will not have their credit score affected. We also offer you alternative payment-plan options for your customers that are unable to secure funds through the platform. Our program is paperless.

Home Merchant Services

Office Friendly

We make it easy. From enrollment and training to servicing your customers' offers and loan applications. Its like having your own personal financing department. We provide you with the tools and training and back it up with unmatched ongoing customer service. All activity and communication is tracked through our online merchant portal which provides real-time status updates on every applicant. Our platform was designed with simplicity and convenience in mind.

How Our Financing Platform Works...

1. Home owner submits one simple, electronic application

2. Credit decision is provided in seconds.

3. Loan offers are extended to the customer.

4. ePay follows up with the borrower to go over the offers and answer any questions.

5. Client electronically signs the loan agreement they choose and submits stipulations.

6. The client is funded 3 to 5 days after loan completion.

7. The merchant is notified of funding and collects funds from the customer.

8. ePay collects the 4.99% discount from the firm 10 days after funding. Discount is only applied towards collected invoiced amount.

9. ePay also offers optional billing and collection solutions to help you work smarter and reduce costs

Home Services Billing Software
Home Service Billing Software

Making an Impact on The Industry!

ePay Management has become the premiere lending platform and merchant service provider for the home services industry. We have been a preferred vendor for Clockwork Home Services for over a decade and support all areas of the industry including; general contractors, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, solar, water filtration, roofing, flooring, landscaping and disaster relief. Contact us for more information on how we can help your business.

Flexible Monthly Payments.

Our platform incorporates multiple lenders resulting in more offers to your customers and more flexibility.

Home Improvement contractor Billing Software

Enrolling in the ePay Finance consumer financing platform gives your customers access to multiple lenders with a single pre-application process. We blanket the borrower pool with offers for those with excellent credit expecting low, single-digit interest rates to those with sub-prime credit that are typically not desirable for most lenders.

Many applicants receive multiple offers so they can choose the offer with the terms, interest rate and payment that best fits their budget. Initial offers are made without affecting credit scores.

Platform Benefits

No Business or Job Description Restrictions

Traditional contractor lending programs typically have minimum "time in business" and "annual revenue" requirements to participate in their programs and individual jobs must be approved, often times leading to uncovered projects and partial funding. Most lenders typically only fund once the services have been completed, leaving you out-of-pocket for materials and labor. Because our program is direct-to-borrower, you are able to collect your fees upfront regardless of the project.

No Recourse To Your Customers

Home owners are funded directly and participating contractors are notified upon funding to collect their fees. Not only is there no recourse to your office if the borrower defaults on the loan but offices are only billed discount rates on collected fees. If a home owner decides to use the funds for another purpose, there is no cost to you.

Custom Landing Page & Loan Application

Every participating contractor receives their own borrower application link and custom landing page. Contractors are able to have home owners complete the application, on the fly, from any web-enabled device; such as a laptop, tablet or smart phone. Application links can be emailed or linked to from your website.

Fast & Flexible Offers

Our marketplace lending platform features immediate credit decisions and "check-your-rate" functionality which allows your customer to check approval terms without affecting your customer's credit score. Many applicants will receive multiple offers from more than one lender providing an opportunity to the customer to choose the offer that best suits their budget.

Get Paid Upfront

With traditional lending options the merchant is typically not funded until product is delivered or services are completed. This can be a problem in situations where completion of delivery of product or service is not immediate or when required materials must be purchased ahead of time. With our platform, merchants are notified upon funding and are able to collect a partial down payment or in full upon notification.

Smart Invoicing for Faster Payments

Get paid faster with electronic invoicing. Give your customers a simple, secure and efficient way to pay you right in their inbox. Electronic invoicing lets you send a branded payment link to your customers giving them the ability to use a credit card or electronic check in a secure environment, right from their computer, smart phone or tablet.

Recurring Billing & Future Payments

Need to setup a short term payment plan for a customer? Do you have customers you bill on a regular basis for long term jobs or service contracts? Recurring billing lets you quickly and easily setup future transactions. Once the payment information has been captured you simply setup the number of payments, the time-frame between each payment and how much you want to charge and your customers credit cards or checking accounts will be billed automatically. The system even notifies you of cards on file that are soon to expire and can make multiple attempts to collect on declined transactions.

Saving With ACH Processing

Cut your processing bill in half or more with our wholesale payment processing rates.

Affordable Small Business Contractor Merchant Services

We offer transparent, cost plus pricing to optimize savings. The card processors establish the interchange rates for all credit and debit card transactions. We simply pass through those costs to you with a small discount rate and transaction fee over those interchange rates. Our rates start as low as 0.05% and $0.05 over cost and we provide a free cost analysis to show you how much you can save.

We also provide alternative, fixed-cost solutions like ACH processing so you can dramatically increase your profitability while giving your customers another payment option.

Flexible, Custom-Fit Solutions

We understand the needs of our customers vary on a case-by-case basis and take the time to explain benefits & costs of every element of our offerings you find of interest. You get the information you need to make the right choices for fast, profitable implementation.

Are you happy with your current billing solution and just want to Get Paid Upfront & Not be a Clients Bank? No problem!

Do you like your current processor but want to Slash your CCD costs with our gateway ACH eCheck service? You can do that.

And if all you want is to turn your Uncollected Earned Billables into Cash with Exclusive “Arms Length” Collections, we get it –

That’s why All of our offerings are available “Ala-Carte” – So you can choose the solutions You want & get to know us better. We’re confident you will find – Like thousands of other customers – That ePay Delivers on what we promise.

Our cutting-edge solutions will help your business reduce time-to-cash, lower transaction costs and enable new revenue; Try us once & you’ll see for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do contractors choose us?

A personal loan is a great option for smaller renovations or installs with simple to understand terms with predictable monthly payments.  We can either be the sole source of funding or provide additional funds to complete the project.

Are there any restrictions on product or service type?

No, the personal loans are spent at the discretion of the borrower without limitations.

Is the credit application quick and simple?

There are just a few simple online questions and instant pre-approvals are issued based on credit worthiness.  Once a borrower accepts an offer they upload proof of income and a driver’s license for firm approval and funding.

How much can our client get funded?

Our market place can fund $1,000 - $100,000 depending on credit worthiness.

Is a mortgage title or home equity required for loan funding?

No, we provide personal loans with no recourse the contractor.  All that is required is proof of income and a driver’s license for funding. APR’s range from 5.99% - 36.99% and the lender may also bill an origination fee of 0-6% depending on credit worthiness.

Do you offer APR buy downs?

No, our loan programs are designed to be simple and straight forward.  All terms of the loan are fully disclosed in accordance with the Truth in Lending Act.

How much can our client get funded?

Our market place can fund $1,000 - $100,000 depending on credit worthiness.  

Is a mortgage title or home equity required for loan funding?

No, we provide personal loans with no recourse the contractor.  All that is required is proof of income and a driver’s license for funding. APR’s range from 5.99% -35.99% and the lender may also bill an origination fee of 0-6% depending on credit worthiness.

Do you offer APR buy downs?

No, our loan programs are designed to be simple and straight forward.  All terms of the loan are fully disclosed in accordance with the Truth in Lending Act.

What if the scope of the project changes?

A borrower may qualify for an amount in excess of the initial estimate to be used for future billing or reapply and accept an offer from another one of our multiple lenders.

When do we get paid?

The borrower is funded on average 2-3 days you can collect payment for your invoice via ACH, debit/credit or cash.

Does the project have to be completed before I am paid?

No, you can collect payment from your client as soon as they are funded.

“What if I am Unable to Retain the Client after Funding?”,

There is no fee for uncollected funds, the contractor is only billed for the collected amount.

What if a customer defaults on payments?

There is no recourse to the contractor if a borrower defaults.

“What if I collect a lesser amount from what the client was funded?”.

You are only billed for the amount you collect for your invoice.

How much does the program cost for contractors?

There is a $99 monthly membership fee and a 4.99% discount fee billed against the amount the contractor collects.  There are no contract term limits required, you can cancel anytime.

How do I get started?

Merchants can simply click on the enroll now button and fill our simple online form, provide a business/professional license and voided check to get started.  Borrowers must apply through a participating business.

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